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Outside Sales

Territory Manager

Steven Taverna

Steven@instandcontrols.com 602-228-1894
Territory Manager

Zachary Stone

Zachary@instandcontrols.com 602-489-0666
Territory Manager

Mark Butorac

Mark@instandcontrols.com 602-717-9851
Territory Manager

Shane Quisenberry

Shane@instandcontrols.com 505-220-3830


Service Technician

Woody Green

Woody@instandcontrols.com 602-292-2316
Service Manager

Scott Taylor

Scott@instandcontrols.com 602-571-5730


Owner/Managing Partner

Ritch Shank

Ritch@instandcontrols.com 602-292-5294
Inside Sales

Danny Arnold

480-921-0498 Danny@instandcontrols.com
Inside Sales

Deb Coye

480-921-0498 deb@instandcontrols.com
Inside Sales

Brian Tracey

480-921-0498 btracey@instandcontrols.com
Inside Sales

Joe Dillon

480-921-0498 joe@instandcontrols.com
Order Status/Accounting

Judy Felicetti

480-921-0498 judy@instandcontrols.com
Customer Service

Chera Shank

480-921-0498 chera@instandcontrols.com

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