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Triple & Double Offset Butterfly Valves Check Valves, Block & Control Valves, Stop/Check Combined Function Valves Metal to Metal, Zero Leakage Isolation. 3" to 160", -328 to 1700°F, up to 2500 psi.

Ball Valves

Butterfly Valves


Uni-Body, 2-Piece , 3-Piece, High Purity, Multi-Port, Flanged Ball, Metal Seated, Control Valves, Trunnion Mounted

High Performance & Resilient Seated

Rack &Pinon, Pneumatic, Electric, Heavy Duty Scotch Yoke, Floor Mounted Damper Drives

Electric Actuators

Multiturn, Quarterturn, Linear, Controls and Gearboxes


AWWA Double Eccentric Butterfly, Plunger Control, Flanged Ball Check Valve, Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, Double Flanged Industrial Butterfly and Dismantling Joints


Abrasion/Corrosion Resistant Pipe, Tile & Trowelable Products for Bottom Ash, Flyash, Coal Pipe, Chutes, Tanks, Hoppers



High-Purity Components

Needle, Ball, Plug , Check, Relief valves, and instrument manifolds

Tube,Pipe,37 Degree Flare JIC,DIN 2353,Weld, ZCO O-Ring Face Seal, Pipe, Calibration,High Pressure Cone and Thread

Belows, Diaphragm, ZCR Face Seal, Weld fittings



A leading provider of critical flow control technologies across the nuclear, power, oil and gas industries. Severe Service DRAG Control Valves, General Service Control Valves, Silencers, HIPPS, Actuators, Positioners, Accessories.

IMI CCI IMI Critical Engineering. We solve flow control problems ™ . IMI CCI has been a leading provider of critical flow control technologies across the nuclear, power, oil and gas industries for over five decades.


KREBS® Technequip™ knife gate valves are true bi-directional knife gate valves with an open-body design, and full port flow. Replaceable rubber sleeves are designed to seal and withstand the harsh, abrasive conditions inherent in mining and milling and power plant applications.

Consider your return-on-investment in reduced downtime for replacement and maintenance. In particular, the longer your valves last, the lower their cost of ownership, as you enjoy years of dependable service.

Safety: Keep your crews safe with the valve safety features that are offered for all of our valves – reducing hazards during installation and maintenance.

The Tech-Taylor Valve does the work - you just operate the pumps!

The Tech-Taylor Valve performs these functions automatically, operating in any position, without any external energy source. It prevents the need for multiple knife gate valves and expensive rubber-lined piping components.

Requiring no air or electricity to operate, the Tech-Taylor™ ball-check valve is the most cost-effective and efficient answer for pump isolation when you have two pumps in parallel.


Knife Gate, Penstock/Slide Gates, Dampers and Pinch Valves.
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Air & Materials Handling

Custom Fan Design & Modification, Dampers, Expansion Joints, Mechanical Dust Collectors, Material Handling Systems, Boiler Air System Upgrade, Complete Duct System Fabrication, Field Service & 24 Hour Emergency Repair.

Control Valves

SlurryFlo’s patented trim design acts as a variable orifice, centering the abrasive flow within the pipe. This protects the pressure containing valve body and the integrity of the downstream piping.


Replacement Parts, Repairs, Maintenance Upgrade Capabilities on all Dry & Wet Electrostatic Precipitators, Bag Houses, Stokers, etc. On Site technical inspections Construction Services and Engineering Support


Feeders Volumetric, Gravimetric, Weigh Processors MSRI, Weigh, Load-out, Flowrate, Multiscale, Data collection Belt Scales Single Idler, Double Idler, 4-Idler Control Gates Bulk Bag Unloaders Power to Liquid Mixers

Severe Service Valves

4500# ANSI Class, 1/2"- 24", Steam/Condensate Drains, Block Valve Applications, ASME "V" Stamped Electronic Relief Valve, Control & Parallel Slide Gate Valves.


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