KREBS® Technequip™ knife gate valves are true bi-directional knife gate valves with an open-body design, and full port flow. Replaceable rubber sleeves are designed to seal and withstand the harsh, abrasive conditions inherent in mining and milling and power plant applications.

Consider your return-on-investment in reduced downtime for replacement and maintenance. In particular, the longer your valves last, the lower their cost of ownership, as you enjoy years of dependable service.

Safety: Keep your crews safe with the valve safety features that are offered for all of our valves – reducing hazards during installation and maintenance.

The Tech-Taylor Valve does the work - you just operate the pumps!

The Tech-Taylor Valve performs these functions automatically, operating in any position, without any external energy source. It prevents the need for multiple knife gate valves and expensive rubber-lined piping components.

Requiring no air or electricity to operate, the Tech-Taylor™ ball-check valve is the most cost-effective and efficient answer for pump isolation when you have two pumps in parallel.

Cowan Dynamics announces the launch of its E 2HR Series Electro-Hydraulic Rotary valve actuators. Using proven technology from our E2H Series, the E2HR packs high performance into the smallest possible installation envelope for ¼ turn valve actuating applications. All hydraulic components and sensors are integrated into a single compact manifold block that also houses the actuator and integral oil reservoir. The control panel can be mounted directly to the manifold block or installed remotely to run multiple units from a single control panel This self-contained actuator can be installed either vertically or horizontally and has no external piping. Available for on/off or modulating applications and for a wide range of markets and valve applications.

Compact: All in one design. No need for separate hydraulic power units and hoses.

Torque: Up to 300,000 in-lbs

Duty Cycle: 100%. Energy efficient design. The motor runs on demand only

Simple: Easy to use touch screen for quick setup and operation.

Operating temp: -50C to +40C

Data Logging: System logs data for real-time valve performance analysis.

Partial Stroke Test: Initiate PST from touch screen or remotely.

Versatile: Fail-last, fail-close or fail-open.

Can be mounted in horizontal position

Cowan Dynamics, established in 1957, has its head office and manufacturing facilities in Montreal, Quebec, sales offices located in Mississauga, Ontario, Houston Texas and is represented by an international value-added partner network

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Get EtherNet/IP on Brooks Instrument SLA Series MFCs – the most stable, reproducible gas mass flow controllers. EtherNet/IP
Introducing the GT1600 glass tube flowmeter from Brooks Instrument. The newest rotameter from the pioneer in variable area flow technology. Click here

SlurryFlo’s patented trim design acts as

a variable orifice, centering the abrasive flow

within the pipe. This protects the pressure

containing valve body and the integrity

of the downstream piping.


Wireless mesh network designed for

remote monitoring of level, pressure,

temperature, flow and other devices to control valves,

pumps, fans, heaters and an array of other devices.


AWWA Double Eccentric Butterfly,

Plunger Control, Flanged Ball Check Valve,

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, Double

Flanged Industrial Butterfly and Dismantling Joints


TAVCO Logo IAC is Happy to Announce that TAVCO is now part of IAC. Click here for more information.

Electro-Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Hydraulic

both Linear and Rotary


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