IMI Critical Engineering is a world-leading provider of critical flow control solutions that enable vital energy and process industries to operate safely, cleanly, reliably and more efficiently.


As part of IMI plc, we operate a global service network, with manufacturing facilities in 16 countries. We employ over 4,000 talented professionals across a range of disciplines. These include over 400 engineers, 150 project managers and over 200 dedicated aftermarket specialists - all committed to providing excellent service to our customers.


We design, manufacture and install customized, highly-engineered solutions for new plant builds and also provide complete plant lifecycle service support. This ensures that our customers benefit from efficient maintenance, speedy issue resolution and plant optimization at all times.


Our products are at the heart of complex energy and production processes. They control the flow of steam, gas and liquids in harsh environments - they are designed to withstand temperature and pressure extremes, as well as intensely abrasive or corrosive cyclical operations.


Our engineering expertise sets us apart. We combine technical knowledge, engineering design capability, application experience and innovative custom-designed products to deliver safe, reliable and durable solutions.

KREBS® Technequip™ knife gate valves are true bi-directional knife gate valves with an open-body design, and full port flow. Replaceable rubber sleeves are designed to seal and withstand the harsh, abrasive conditions inherent in mining and milling and power plant applications.


Consider your return-on-investment in reduced downtime for replacement and maintenance. In particular, the longer your valves last, the lower their cost of ownership, as you enjoy years of dependable service.


Safety: Keep your crews safe with the valve safety features that are offered for all of our valves – reducing hazards during installation and maintenance.


The Tech-Taylor Valve does the work - you just operate the pumps!


The Tech-Taylor Valve performs these functions automatically, operating in any position, without any external energy source. It prevents the need for multiple knife gate valves and expensive rubber-lined piping components.


Requiring no air or electricity to operate, the Tech-Taylor™ ball-check valve is the most cost-effective and efficient answer for pump isolation when you have two pumps in parallel.


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